Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Accounting Christopher Holak Town Accountant (978)-468-5520 x.7
Administration Anthony Ansaldi Town Administrator (978)-468-5520 x.2
Administration Nicole Roebuck Exec. Asst. to the Town Administrator (978)-468-5520 x.2
Animal Control Stephen Kavanagh Animal Control Officer (978)-468-5508
Assessors Shirley Cashman Assistant Assessor (978)-468-5520 x.5
Assessors Steve Ozahowski Principal Assessor (978)-468-5520 x.5
Board of Health Greg Bernard Health Agent (978)-468-5520 x.4
Board of Health Anne Jackman Inspector of Animals (978)-468-5520 x.4
Board of Health Maribeth Ting Public Health Nurse (978)-468-5520 x.4
Building Department Jackie Bresnahan Permitting Coor./Special Projects Mgr. (978) 468-5520 x.4
Building Department BJ Brown Inspector of Wires (978)-468-5520 x.4
Building Department Kevin Dash Plumbing & Gas Inspector (978)-468-5520 x.4
Building Department Peter Blanchette Interim Inspector of Buildings (978) 468-5520 x.4
Department of Public Works Michael Hrdy Facilities Manager (978) 468-5520 x.6
Council on Aging Jennifer Flynn Marketing Coordinator (978)-468-5529
Council on Aging Cathy Tomasello Van Line Coordinator (978)-468-5534
Council on Aging Jim Reynolds Director (978)-468-5529
Department of Public Works Sheila Bouvier Admin. Asst. Highway/Water/Cemetery (978)-468-5520 x.6
Department of Public Works Bill Tyack DPW Director (978)-468-5520 x.6
Fire Department Jeff Baxter Deputy Chief & Fire Prevention (978) 468-5508
Fire Department Stephen Kavanagh Chief (978)-468-5508
Land Use Melissa Berry Conservation & Open Space (978)-468-5520 x.8
Land Use Margaret Hoffman Planning Coordinator (978)-468-5520 x.8
Library Jan Dempsey Library Director (978)-468-5577
Police Department Kevin DiNapoli Captain (978) 468-5500
Police Department Sue Hersee Administrative Assistant (978)-468-5500
Police Department Tom Perkins Chief (978)-468-5500
Recreation Department Sean Timmons Director (978)-468-2178
Town Clerk Dianne Bucco Town Clerk (978)-468-5520 x.1
Town Clerk Terry VonStaats Administrative Assistant (978)-468-5520 x.1
Town Moderator Trudy Reid Town Moderator (978)-468-5520 x.1
Treasurer & Tax Collector Patricia Moore Finance Director & Treasurer/Collector (978)-468-5520 x.3
Department of Public Works Winslow Mulry Tree Warden (978)-468-5520 x.6
Water Department Erik Mansfield Water Superintendent (978)-468-5520 x.6
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Friday 9am - 1pm

contact town hall

Phone: 978-468-5520

Fax: 978-468-8014

138 Main Street

Wenham, MA 01984

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