Police Department

Mission Statement
The mission of the Wenham Police Department is to work in a partnership with the citizens of the community and to provide a safe environment where the quality of life is improved by proactive initiatives and enforcing the laws with the highest quality of professionalism and dedication.

Wenham Police Department Vision Statement
The Wenham Police Department will continue to be an organization that operates in a cohesive, team-oriented fashion to provide quality service and dedication to the community. Department staff will be well trained and well educated. The Department operations will be enhanced by the expanded use of available technology and innovative ideas. Our bottom line will continue to be our motto of "Dedicated to Community, Committed to Serve."

Contact the Police Department
1 Friend Court
PO Box 536
Wenham, MA 01984

For Emergencies Dial 911 or 978-801-4911 for Dispatch
Phone: 978-468-5500  Monday - Friday (Business Line)
ERECC: 978-468-4000
Fax: 978-468-5603

Chief of Police
Kevin J. DiNapoli  Ext. 220

Deputy Chief
Jason Lucontoni  Ext. 221

Administrative Assistant
Kirsten Stickney  Ext. 201

WPD Badge
Click the badge to visit the WPD webpage and access their blog.

Officers & Contact Information:

Sgt. Machain  Ext. 222         Email: cmachain@wenhamma.gov 
Sgt. Msciz  Ext. 223 Email: mmscisz@wenhamma.gov 
Sgt. Marsh  Ext. 224 Email: dmarsh@wenhamma.gov 
Full-Time Patrol Officers  
Ofc. Labrie  Ext. 225            Email: clabrie@wenhamma.gov     
Ofc. Phillips  Ext. 226 Email: jphillips@wenhamma.gov
Ofc. Connors  Ext. 227 Email: bconnors@wenhamma.gov 
Ofc. Princi  Ext. 228 Email: mprinci@wenhamma.gov
Ofc. O'Donnell  Ext. 229 Email: kodonnell@wenhamma.gov
Part-Time Patrol Officers  
Ofc. Sherry  Ext. 231                       Email: rsherry@wenhamma.gov
Ofc. Pratt  Ext. 232 Email: bpratt@wenhamma.gov
Ofc. Sanborn  Ext. 233 Email: csanborn@wenhamma.gov
Ofc. Farinato  Ext. 234 Email: sfarinato@wenhamma.gov
Ofc. Wood  Ext. 235 Email: swood@wenhamma.gov
Ofc. Izidoro  Ext. 236          Email: wizidoro@wenhamma.gov
Ofc. Farry  Ext. 237         Email: dfarry@wenhamma.gov
Ofc. Nestor  Ex.t 238 Email: lnestor@wenhamma.gov
Ofc. Freitas  Ext. 239 Email: jfreitas@wenhamma.gov
Ofc. Perez  Ext. 240 Email: rperez@wenhamma.gov
Ofc. Kelley  Ext. 241 Email: kkelley@wenhamma.gov



Town Hall Hours

Monday 9am-4:30pm

Tuesday 9am-7pm

Wednesday & Thursday 9am-4:30pm

Friday 9am-1pm


Contact Town Hall

Phone: 978-468-5520

Fax: 978-468-8014

138 Main Street

Wenham, MA 01984

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