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There are many opportunities to get involved by serving on a Board or Committee in the Town of Wenham.  See below for brief descriptions of each committee and links to their webpages.   Visit the Board & Committee Openings page to view openings for all appointed positions, and the Select Board's Board & Committee Appointment & Re-Appointment Process page for information on submitting a request to serve. 

Contact the Town Administrator's Office at 978-468-5520 x.2 or email with any questions.   

Cemetery Commission
Charged with maintaining the order and cleanliness of the town’s historic burying grounds. Responsible for developing and maintaining a research file for each historic cemetery including history, land survey info, those interred and living descendants. Charged with overseeing and maintaining records of contemporary burials in historic cemeteries allowed by law for proven descendants or those given permission by living descendants.  

Climate Action and Sustainability Committee
The Climate Action and Sustainability Committee’s primary focus is to chart the course for the Town to
achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040, and to lead the way in implementing sustainable practices
and building community resilience. The Committee will work to achieve the Town’s goals outlined in
the Wenham Climate Change Resolution and in the Wenham Master Plan (2023). 

Community Preservation Committee
Community Preservation Act (CPA) provides the Town with a smart growth tool allowing us as a community to identify and preserve vital historic and open space components of our town and to develop opportunities for growth that maintain the town’s heritage and character.  CPA can be used to help create affordable housing projects that will meet the state’s 10% target and help create efficient strategies to preserve and protect our remaining open space from over development and to provide and upgrade recreation facilities. 

Conservation Commission
To preserve and protect the integrity of wetland systems in the Town. The Commission derives its authority from the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and the Wenham Water Resources Protection Bylaw.  Responsible for the promotion and sound development of the natural resources and protection of the watershed resources of the community. 

Council on Aging
To identify needs of Wenham’s elders, develop programs and services to meet those needs, to educate the community on elder issues and to advocate on behalf of elders. To set goals and objectives and support staff in implementing and promoting the COA’s mission.

Finance & Advisory Committee
Comprised of 5 residents who consider all articles and warrants for town meetings involving an appropriation or expenditure of money or the disposition of any property of the town.  Holds one or more meetings prior to the annual town meeting at which the Select Board members and other invited officers, boards and committees are present to consider the items which make up the annual budget and any other municipal matters.

Hamilton-Wenham Community Access & Media 
A committee charged with recommending policy, monitoring on-going operation of the cable system and the local cable studio, and assuring that the licensee is responsible to the respective Boards of Select.

Hamilton-Wenham Cultural Council
Works to inform the public, qualify applications, and dispense funds allocated by the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), a state agency. The budget of the MCC is determined by the state legislature and the MCC's source of funds is the Megabucks lottery game.  Its purpose is to re-grant state funds for community based arts, humanities, and interpretive science projects and activities to benefit the residents of Hamilton and Wenham.  Grant decisions are subject to final approval by the MCC.  

Historic District Commission 
The duties of the Historic District Commission are generally to preserve and protect distinctive characteristics of buildings and places of historic significance in the Town.  Meetings occur on the third Thursday of each month primarily to review applications for Certificates of Appropriateness regarding new construction or modifications to existing buildings located in the Historic District.

Iron Rail Commission
To maintain, repair and protect the Iron Rail property. To aggressively plan for rental, gymnasium and meadow use in order to create income, revitalize the land and encourage active use of the area for educational enjoyment by all townspeople. To work with other town groups in arranging for orderly use of the land, including the layout of roads and the negotiating of locations for specific site use, safety and scheduling.  

Master Plan Advisory Committee
The MPAC was established to provide advice and recommendations to the Planning Board on the development of the Master Plan document which will reflect and support the Community’s priorities and goals. By fostering openness and inclusion in the master planning process through dialogue and communication with the Community and the Consulting team of JM Goldson, LLC.

Open Space and Recreation Committee
Comprised of residents who have a diversity of interests and experiences, ranging from interest in community character and landscape preservation to economic development and real estate, from active and passive recreation to natural resource conservation. Work to deliver a comprehensive update to the Town’s Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP).   Click *here* to view the full committee charge.

Planning Board
Oversees the rules and regulations governing the subdivision of land, site plan review, and special permits according to the Wenham Zoning By-Law and Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 41, s81. The Board consists of five elected members, with one member to be elected each year in the Annual Town Election.

Select Board
The Select Board serves as the chief executive body of the Town. The board's duties include in part appointing the Town Administrator and other board/committee members, developing goals and policies, preparing the town report, the annual budget, and presenting the warrant for Town Meeting.

Town Government Study Committee
To study possible reorganization of portions of the Town of Wenham government structure.  The Committee will study the positive and negative impacts of three particular changes to current town government structure. The Committee will prepare a written report, to include majority and any minority views, for presentation at the Annual Town Meeting in May 2021.

Veterans Committee
The mission of the Veterans Committee is to perpetuate and support Veterans ceremonies, events, and other activities in the Town of Wenham.  The Veterans Committee will assist veterans and their families, as appropriate, in cooperation with other organizations and agencies. Click *here* for the complete Veterans Committee Charge.

Water Commission
The mission of the Water Commissio is to provide safe, clean drinking water to our residents, water for fire protection, and good customer service in a cost effective manner.  

Wenham Affordable Housing Trust
Under provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 44, Section 55C, the Wenham Affordable Housing Trust was established for the purpose of providing for the creation and preservation of affordable housing in the Town of Wenham for the benefit of low and moderate income households.

Wenham Housing Authority
The Housing Authority provides, operates and maintains housing for the elderly and disabled. Enon Village, an apartment complex with 84 units, was constructed by the Wenham Housing Authority in 1975.

Wenham Human Rights Committee
Established an advisory committee to the Select Board to be known as the Wenham Human Rights Committee, hereinafter referred to as the “Committee.” The purpose of creating the Committee is to affirm that the Town of Wenham is an inclusive community that has, as one of its core values, the freedom from discrimination, disrespect, bigotry, other forms of microaggressions, macroaggressions, hatred and oppression, and to reaffirm the Town’s commitment to upholding and defending the rights of all individuals to enjoy the free and equal exercise of their rights and privileges, as secured by the Constitutions of the United States and Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Wenham Issues of Social Services Help (WISSH)
Wenham Issues of Social Services Help is a Committee approved by the Wenham Board of Selectman to assist them in serving Wenham residents in need of temporary financial or social service assistance. No town monies are used, WISSH functions on donations from both residents and businesses. The mission of WISSH is to identify the social-service needs of Wenham residents and to coordinate and implement appropriate immediate unmet financial assistance to those in need.

Zoning Board of Appeals
Exercises all powers granted to it by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapters 40A, 40B and 41 and the Town of Wenham Zoning Bylaw.  The Board hears and decides applications for special permits, appeals or petitions for variances from regulations governing dimensions of land or structures,  appeals taken by any aggrieved by reason of his inability to obtain a permit or enforcement action under the provisions of MGL Ch 40A, and applications for comprehensive permits.

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