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Review the final results of the West Wenham Park Feasibility Study HERE.


The West Wenham Park Community Zoom Meeting
was a SUCCESS!

Watch the video of the meeting here:

Check out the feasibility study at

(The survey is currently closed)


West Wenham Park Poster JPEG

Town Wide Trail Mapping Project

At the 2019 Annual Town Meeting, Wenham residents approved the use of $6,000 in Community Preservation Act funding for the Open Space and Recreation Committee's trail mapping project.  The committee, along with several volunteers, walked the trails from September through November 2019 in order to complete the mapping.  The result is available by clicking the link below:  

Wenham Public Trail Map

In addition to the public trail map, the committee created an Infrastructure and Maintenance Map that will be used internally for trail planning and upkeep. 

The OSRC committee wishes to thank all the volunteers who walked the trails in helping complete this project.

Wenham Trail Photos

Wenham Open Space and Recreation Plan

The Wenham Open Space and Recreation Committee has updated the Town's Open Space and Recreation Plan. The plan has received approval from the State.  

Please click HERE for the 2019 Open Space and Recreation Plan and please click HERE for the appendices.

Recreation Committee:
Ernest Ashley, Chair  (2024)

Vincent Fennell, Vice Chair  (2025)
Lou Randazzo  (2025)
Tom Starr (2025)
Maribeth Ting (2026)
Ann Weeks  (2024)
Guenther Anger  (2024)
For questions or more information, please contact:
Kate Mallory, ALM Sustainability
Conservation & Open Space Coordinator
978-468-5520 ext. 8



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138 Main Street

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