Veterans Committee

The mission of the Veterans Committee is to perpetuate and support Veterans' ceremonies, events, and other activities in the Town of Wenham.  The Veterans Committee consists of 9 members appointed by the Board of Selectmen who will assist veterans and their families, as appropriate, in cooperation with other organizations and agencies.   Click *HERE* for the complete Veterans Committee Charge.


Veterans Committee:
Bruce Blanchard, Secretary (2020)
Robert Breaker (2020)
Joe Bubriski (2020)
Win Dodge (2021)
Peter Hersee (2022)
Mike Lucy, Treasurer (2021)
Dean Pederson, Chair (2021)
Jack Wilhelm (2022)
Bill Wilson (2022)

978-468-5520 x.2

A Thank You to the residents of Wenham and beyond:

It is with deep appreciation and much  gratitude that we, the members of the Wenham Veterans Committee,  extend a hearty thank you to all who contributed generously of your time and money to this year's Wreaths Across America project. We were able to purchase 500 wreaths making it possible to place a wreath on the grave of every veteran buried at the Main Street Cemetery and the Iron Rail Cemetery A program such as this is successful because of the participation of so many people who care about our Veterans. Specifically, we are grateful for the support of the Girl and Boy Scouts and their leaders, Anna Siedzik and Matt Bailey, Bill Tyack and  the members of the Wenham DPW,  Chief Thomas Perkins and the members of the Wenham Police Department, Chief Stephen Kavanagh and the members of the Wenham Fire Department, Catherine Harrison, Jack Wilhelm and John Clemenzi the Board of Selectmen, and Anthony Ansaldi, the Wenham Town Administrator.  A special word of thanks is extended to Bill Wilson and Win Dodge who designed and implemented the fund raising program and to Nicci Roebuck the Assistant to the Town Administrator who cared for the administrative details needed to complete the project. Lastly, thank you to all the Wenham Veterans who participated in the ceremony and the distribution of the Wreaths. We are planning for wreath laying in December of 2020. 

Dean W Pedersen, Chair WENHAMVETCOM

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