Town Clerk Records

The Wenham Town Clerk serves the residents of Wenham through its function as official record keeper and also the Records Access Officer for any Town public records requests. 

Annual Town Reports - Please click here for 2013 - present. For records prior to 2013, contact the Town Clerk.

Birth Certificates (1860-present) $5.00 - Online payment or via the Town Clerk's office
Burial Records (1843-present) - Contact the Town Clerk. 

Business Certificate (DBA) $20.00 - application

Bylaws:  General & Zoning - Please click here

Death Certificates (1851-present) $5.00 - Online payment or via the Town Clerk's office
Dog Licenses $10.00/$15.00 - Online payment or via the Town Clerk's office

Election Records - Please click here for 2012-present. For records prior to 2012, contact the Town Clerk.

Ethics and Open Meeting Law Mandated Data - Contact the Town Clerk.
     Open Meeting Law and Conflict of Interest Law

Land Use Decisions (1947-present) - Contact the Town Clerk.

Marriage Intentions $15.00 - Couple must file in person with the Town Clerk.

Marriage Licenses ( 1901-present) $5.00 - Online payment or via the Town Clerk's office

Pole/Utility Locations (1915 to present) - Contact the Town Clerk.

Public Officials Click here for the Current Elected Officials. 
     Contact the Town Clerk for information on elected officials from 1644 to the present. 

Public Records Request - Town of Wenham's Public Records Policy
     Requests for public records should be directed to the appropriate Records Access Officer:

Thomas Perkins, Police Chief, 
                                                                    or mail: 1 Friend Court, Wenham, MA 01984
Stephen Kavanagh, Fire Chief, 
                                                                    or mail: 140 Main Street, Wenham, MA 01984
    Regional  SchoolsDr. Julie Kukenberger, Interim Superintendent of Schools,
     All other Town related requests
Dianne Bucco, Town Clerk, 
                                                                    or mail: 138 Main Street, Wenham, MA 01984 
     Click HERE to view our Public Records Access Guidelines
     Click HERE to make a public records request. 

Street Lists (1870-present) - Contact the Town Clerk.

Town Meeting Records - Please click here for 2013-present. For records prior to 2013, contact the Town Clerk.

Dianne K. Bucco
Wenham Town Clerk
Justice of the Peace and Notary Public
978-468-5520 x1



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