Logan Airport Noise Complaints & MassPort CAC

Logan Airport Noise Complaints

Residents are encouraged to submit Noise Complaints with MassPort CAC online or call (617) 561-3333 between the hours of 6:00am and 6:00pm.  Be advised that when calling or filing a complaint online, it is imperative that you submit your address in order for the MassPort CAC to properly record the location of your complaint.

The Logan CAC, represented over 30 communities, cities, and towns within the Greater Boston area. The CAC worked jointly with FAA and Massport to develop the scope of work for the (Phase 3) noise study with the results of the study found here: 

Boston Logan Airport Noise Study Final Report from the Logan CAC - March 2017

The primary roles of the CAC were to: 
(1) provide the FAA and Massport with input on aircraft noise issues related to the Airport, particularly as it relates to the identification of potential noise abatement measures
(2) provide input on suggested criteria to be used in evaluating and comparing those measures
(3) recommend to Massport those measures that might be recommended to the FAA for implementation.

The CAC aslo helped identify and evaluate potential runway use measures to be in included in a runway use program to replace the Preferential Runway Advisory System (PRAS) that the CAC voted to abandon in April 2012 because it had failed to achieve the intended noise abatement. CAC also managed and directed efforts conducted by the independent consultant who was selected to provide technical assistance and education for the CAC. 


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