Water Use Mitigation Program

Since the development at Middlewood Drive, the Town of Wenham Water Department has implemented a water use mitigation fee to compensate for the additional water withdrawal burden created by new development.

The goal of this program is to identify developments that will add to the water withdrawal burden and collect fees from those developments to further the Town’s water conservation strategies. This policy is applicable to new subdivisions, flexible developments, accessory apartments, or any building project that creates new dwelling units. The policy is consistent with the Town’s current financial policies and the Water Department’s efforts for sustainable water usage (given the increasing demands and limited supply). The revenue side of this program will be managed by the Permitting Office, due to the timing of the fee collection and that the Water Department can only collect funds for services rendered. The Water Commission, with the guidance of the Water Superintendent, will manage the expense budget.

To review the Water Use Mitigation Program (WUMP) Policy, click *HERE*

For the WUMP Calculation Form, please click *HERE*

Information regarding water conservation programs will be posted *HERE* when available.

Water conservation is a complex task that includes solutions above and beyond imposing water bans and mandatory conservation periods. The Water Commission has brainstormed several potential projects for these funds, including, but not limited to: providing water conservation programming to seniors and school-aged children; increasing education about septic care and maintenance; public awareness on irrigation issues; promoting drip irrigation; rebate programs on products such as rain barrels; and classes on drought tolerant landscaping and planting. The Water Commission’s goal is to provide residents with education and awareness in conjunction with water conservation tools and products to create a multi-pronged approach for addressing this issue. Town Meeting 2018 approved an annual $10,000 expenditure limit on the Water Use Mitigation Fund for these types of projects.

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