Street Lists

street lists

Street Lists

Massachusetts State Law  Chapter 51 Section 6 requires that each municipality publish an annual street list.
It can be purchased at the  Wenham Town Clerk's office for a fee of $10 for residents and $20 for non-residents. 
The Town Clerk's office accepts only cash and checks.

~~~~Historical Tidbit~~~~            

The annual street list or “nosey book” is created in May based on the information gleaned from the annual census. The annual census is a function of the Town Clerk’s office and is mandated by Massachusetts General Law to be done at the start of each year. 

 Massachusetts General Law Chapter 51 sections 4-7 state that each year the Town Clerk must collect the following data; name, date of birth, occupation, veteran status, nationality (if not a citizen of the United States) and residence of each person three years of age or older. 

 This information is the basis for updating the annual Voter List as well as the street listing.  In June, the Town Clerk is mandated to publish the street list, sometimes known as the resident book or even the “nosey” book.  This listing must include this requested information plus make note of the registered voters.  No information for persons under 17 is listed.  This book must then be available to purchase. 

 As per Massachusetts State Law, a log of all those who have this book in their possession must be kept with the Town Clerk.   


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