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Thank you for being--or becoming--a voter! Our democracy relies on civic participation, and we are here to help each eligible Wenham resident exercise the right to vote in every election.

Wenham residents 16 and older may register/pre-register to vote online, by mail, or at the Town Clerk's office on the first floor of Wenham Town Hall. Most voter registrations now happen online or at the DMV. As of 2023, eligible citizens are automatically registered or pre-registered (if 16-17 years old) to vote whenever they apply for or make a change to their driver's license at the DMV. Voters will receive a letter from the Wenham Town Clerk's office confirming any changes to voter registration such as a middle name change due to getting the Real ID.

Register & Check Status Online

Residents are encouraged to make changes to their voter registration and check their status online. Through the MA Elections Division, eligible residents may register/pre-register to vote, change party affiliation, update address, update name, request a vote by mail ballot, look up their voter registration status online, and track a vote by mail/absentee ballot. This centralized database is what securely feeds into every municipal Clerk's office in Massachusetts. 

Please make sure to update your mailing address if you are a student who has changed dorms, a resident who has moved within Wenham, or if you have moved to another town. Submit these changes online at the link below or in writing with your signature to the Town Clerk. If you have a license/MA ID, you should also update the DMV within 60 days when you move. We appreciate you updating your voting/residency records promptly, as it reduces town staff time and postage, saving your tax dollars.

Click here for the MA Elections Division Voting Page

Registration Deadlines & Inactive Voter Status

You must be registered to vote 10 days before an election. We recommend you check your voter registration status well in advance of any election and encourage all the voters in your household to do the same. If you are listed as inactive, it is likely because the Town Clerk did not receive your household's annual census. You will still be able to vote, but will need to confirm your residence. It will save time to do this in advance. Completing your census or updating your registration online will serve to reactivate your active status.

Early Voting & Vote By Mail Options 

If you cannot be there on election day, please note that multiple EARLY VOTING days in person are now required for every state and Federal election. In Wenham, this takes place at Town Hall. Wenham has also offered early voting in local elections, which has been popular, however it is optional and determined for each election by the Board of Registrars and Select Board. All early voting dates and times will be listed on the Town Clerk's election page and promoted through the Town's social media and other outlets. Early in person voting is a simple option available to all voters. It allows us to make sure your outside ballot envelope is properly marked and your ballot is processed in time.

Voters may vote early in person, on election day, or with a Vote by Mail (no reason required) or an Absentee (reason required) ballot. MA will be sending out Vote by Mail postcards to all voters in early 2024. Voters must apply for a Vote by Mail or Absentee ballot(s) each calendar year, either for the entire year or a single election. Please make sure your application is properly signed and filled out!

Overseas & Military Voters 

Through the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA), there are also special new online voting options for those with particular situations such as visual impairments, Americans living abroad, or military personnel and their families. We know this is complicated, and are here to provide guidance if needed! Your Town Clerk has completed and continues to do extensive training with the MA Election Division. Please use our office as a resource to help guide you through your options.

Voters with Disabilities

Wenham and Massachusetts are committed to making voting accessible for all voters. For in person voting, our Town Hall is ADA compliant with an elevator and accessible parking. Inside we offer a wheelchair-height AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal that can assist visually impaired and other voters to independently vote. It displays the ballot in high-contrast, magnified text and uses audio cues. The AutoMARK can also read you your ballot before you print it out and submit it. Headphones are provided.

If you prefer to vote by mail, Vote by Mail applications can be submitted online through the Mail-in Ballot Application System. There is now an option specifically for those voters with disabilities who need to complete the ballot and submit it online. 

Click here for more details about accessible voting from the MA Elections Division.


If you have any questions about the voting process, your voting options, or registration status, please do not hesitate to contact Kirsten Alexander, Town Clerk at or 978-468-5520 x1. 

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