Clerks Corner

Newest edition of the CLERK'S CORNER - Hearing Wedding Bells

I learned so much in my first year as the Town Clerk in Wenham (2014) that I wanted to share some of that information with the residents. I began writing in May 2015. It was so fun writing "articles" for the local paper on all things Wenham and more that I continue the tradition. 

Business Certificates
"Doing Business As" in Wenham
Business Certificates

It's That Time Again
Census and Dog Licenses

Dogs in Wenham
Learn Something Everyday
Census and Dog Licenses

Elections and Voting
Much Ado about Voter Registration
Getting Involved in the "Local Scene"
Election Information and More
To vote or Not to Vote This Election
Accessible History
Use it or Lose it: Exercise your Right to Vote!
Voting - More than a right, a civic duty
2016 is Here! Are you ready for an Election Year?
Use your Voice or you can't be heard
Learn Something Everyday
Voting: Making your voice count
Hear Ye Hear Ye
Educated Voters
Post Election Thoughts
The Electoral College

General Information
My Life in Wenham
Eleanor Roosevelt's Way Today
Involvement Aids Humanity
Thank you
Celebrating the 375th of Wenham
Leadership as a Way of Life
What's not to Celebrate
Gerrymandering and Redistricting
Parliamentary Procedure
Fun Facts of MA

Tying the Knot
Marriage in MA
Getting Hitched in the Bay State
More details on planning the big day

Town Clerk

Your Town Clerk's Office from A-Z
Town Clerk- The Best Job Ever!
Wenham at Work: Department Profile
The Duties of every MA Town Clerk
February in Wenham's Town Clerk's Office

Town Information

A New Year in Wenham, MA
Things that make you go hmmm
Showcase of Local Officials
Summer in Wenham
Wenham Government
Land Use Committees in Wenham

Town Meeting

375 Years of Town Meetings
Living in a Small Town
New Year, New Wenham
Learn Something Everyday
What makes Wenham Tick?
Town Meeting Lives!

Vital Records
Permanent Records
Uncovering your vital records in Wenham: Births

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to the public

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