FY 2021 Budget Process

Below, you'll  find links to the presentations and videos (when available) from the FY 2021 Budget Process.  Visit HWCAM's You Tube page to access all recorded meetings throughout the budget process.   FY 2021 Budget & Annual Town Meeting Preparation- Schedule Updated 02.05.20

FY 2021 Joint Board of Selectmen / Finance Committee Meeting 02.18.20 - HWCAM Video
Town Budget Overview Presentation, HWRSD Budget Overview Presentation

FY 2021 Joint Board of Selectmen / Finance Committee Meeting 02.13.20 - HWCAM Video
Operating Budget with updates from 02.13.20 meeting , Capital Budget with updates from 02.13.20 meeting

FY 2021 Finance Committee Meeting 02.12.20 - HWCAM Video

FY 2021 HW Regional School Committee Meeting 02.12.20 - HWCAM Video
Operating & Debt Service Budget, Presentation

FY 2021 Finance Committee Meeting with Police & Water Departments 02.05.20 - HWCAM Video

FY 2021 Operating & Capital Outlook Joint BOS, FinCom, HWRSC Meeting 01.29.20 - HWCAM Video
     Wenham: Operating Outlook Presentation, Capital Outlook Presentation, Capital Improvement Plan
     Hamilton:  Budget Outlook Presentation
     HW Regional School Committee: Budget Outlook Presentation, Tentative Budget

FY 2021 Initial Budget Presented to BOS/FinCom with Department Heads 12.07.19 - HWCAM Video
Super Saturday Budget Presentation

FY 2021 Revenue Overview Presented to FinCom 11.06.19 - Presentation

FY 2021 Budget Forecast at Joint BOS/FinCom Meeting 10.08.19 - Presentation

FY 2021 Department Head Instruction 09.30.19 - Memo

FY 2021 Capital Improvement Program - Summary

FY 2021 Working Budget Summary - Summary

This page was last updated on February 6, 2020.  Additional updates will occur throughout February and March, and a final version of the budget will be uploaded when the 2020 Annual Town Meeting Warrant is closed by the BOS and finalized in early March.  Contact the Town Administrator's Office with any questions at 978-468-5520 x.2.

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