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Property Exclusion from Mosquito Spraying Form

For those wishing to have their property excluded from all mosquito spraying, please submit the online form (below) to the Department of Agricultural Resources (in accordance with 333 CMR 13.03). The request will go into effect fourteen (14) from the date the request is made. All exclusion requests expire on December 31st of the calendar year in which it was made. Requests will be collected by the state and distributed to the applicable regional control board (Wenham is served by the Northeast Mosquito Control Board). In the past, forms were due to municipal clerks by March 30 for exclusion during the given calendar year. Now, the deadline is rolling and forms should be submitted directly to the MA Department of Agricultural Resources by either the online form or by mailing in the hard copy form (see below). 

Online form: 

Hard copy form: 

Completed hard copy forms should be mailed to:
Juan Carlos Gutierrez
Department of Agricultural Resources
Suite 500
251 Causeway Street,
Boston, MA 02114

Exclusions from Pesticide Spraying FAQ (from the State of Massachusetts) 

For more information about the Northeast Mosquito Control Board* 

*No properties in the Town of Wenham can be sprayed (adulticiding) by the Northeast Control Board without a vote by the Wenham Board of Health. The Control Board can, without a vote of the BOH, monitor the Town's mosquito population and treat certain areas of Town with tablets (larviciding) annually. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call the BOH at 978-468-5520 ext. 4.

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