Department Profiles

As part of our ongoing efforts to reach out to residents in new and different ways, the Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle has published profiles of several Town Departments over the course of the previous year. 

These Q&A sessions were designed to highlight the work that our employees do on a daily basis, to provide key contact information for residents, and to try to personalize your local government experience.  They also focus on the rewarding elements of our work, common challenges, channels for feedback, examples of interdepartmental cooperation, recent achievements, and goals going forward. 

The profiles should help answer some frequently asked questions about the local services we deliver.  To read each profile, click the links below.  All photos provided courtesy of the Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle

Peter Lombardi   Town Administrator Profile - August 2015
 1005608475 MA_HW_library1ds  Library Profile - October 2015
 1006700779_ma_hw_dpw1kw  Highway Profile - January 2016
 1007046552 MA_HW_clerk1kw  Clerk Profile - February 2016
 SEan  Recreation Profile - April 2016
 1008839087 MA_HW_water  Water Profile - June 2016
 1009002200 MA_HW_assessor  Assessor - July 2016
 1009520441 MA_HW_fire  Fire Profile - August 2016
 1010443468 MA_HW_Hoffman Planning Profile - October 2016
Courtesy: Wicked Local Photo/Tim McCarthy
 1010549014 MA_HW_permit Permitting Profile - November 2016
Courtesy: Wicked Local Photo/Tim McCarthy
 AR-170226959 COA Council on Aging - February 2017 
Courtesy: Wicked Local Photo/Tim McCarthy
 Finance Department Finance Department Profile - July 2017
Courtesy: Wicked Local Photo/Tim McCarthy
 1004126685 MA_HAM_police1ds Police Department Profile - September 2017
Courtesy: Wicked Local Photo/David Sokol
Karen Tyler Veterans Services Profile - October 2017
Courtesy: Wicked Local Photo/Tim McCarthy


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