Community Preservation Committee

In 2005, Wenham voters adopted the Community Preservation Act (CPA), which provides the Town with a smart growth tool allowing us as a community to identify and preserve vital historic and open space components of our town and to develop opportunities for growth that maintain the town’s heritage and character. Specifically, CPA can be used to help create affordable housing projects that will meet the state’s 10% target. Until that mandate is achieved, any proposed development that includes affordable housing can override Wenham’s zoning regulations under state law 40B. Once we reach 10%, all development will be governed by our own zoning. CPA also enables us to create efficient strategies to preserve and protect our remaining open space from over development and to provide and upgrade recreation facilities. 

Wenham’s CPC welcomes and will give full consideration to all open space, historic, recreational, and housing applications that meet the criteria of the Act.  Application information can be found in that tab.  CPA funding applications will be received in the Town Administrator's Office. The CPA funding application deadline for Town Meeting in 2020 will be announced in the fall of 2019. 

Committee M
Don Killam - Planning Board Rep (2020)
Leo Maestranzi - Conservation Commission Rep (2021)
Denis Curran - Joint Recreation Dept Rep (2021)
Barbara Locke - Historic District Commission Rep (2021)
________________- Wenham Housing Authority Rep (2019)
Natalie Bowers - At Large Member (2020)
Thomas Starr - At Large Member (2020)
Patrick Waddell - At Large Member (2022)
William Weihs - At Large Member (2022)

Next Meeting Date: Meetings will resume in the fall of 2019

For general information on the Community Preservation Act:

For the Language of the Community Preservation Act Law:

For information on procedures and requirements of establishing a special fund for the Community Preservation Act:

  • Department of Revenue : Property Tax Bureau Informational Guideline Release (IGR) No. 00-209 (as amended by IGR No. 01-207 & IGR No. 02-208)
Community Preservation Coalition, Stuart Saginor:
Bonding 101 - Issues to Consider when Bonding CPA Projects & What's new with the Community Preservation Act?


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